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Bitcoin Can Play a Vital Role for Africa Financial Freedom

Research from Arcane verifies the adoption of Bitcoin is strong in Africa. According to Google Trends data, African countries regularly rank in the top 10 for searching for information about “cryptocurrency”. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has also shown his interest in Africa’s market, which accounts for 350 million unbanked people.

Africa is expected to be the world’s largest workforce by 2045, as the continent has 19 youngest countries in the world out of the top 20. The young entrepreneurs are working hard to build their own destinies and future by utilizing their expertise and dexterity.

Africa is Taking the Lead with Mobile Technology

Africans were the first to use cell phone minutes as currency long before the west and taking the lead in mobile technology. If African leaders choose to adopt blockchain technology, they can implement faster and quicker than the western world.

Africa has the ability to start from the very beginning and implement every new technology development in the existing infrastructure. This is an advantage compared to other western countries that can’t adjust as fast to the most recent advancements without reconstructing all that is now built out.

With the invention of Bitcoin, paper money becomes the object of the past. Many nations are now working on creating digital currencies. The upcoming era will be digital, and blockchain will act as a key.

Music Industry

When music moved from physical to digital, it was the music industry that was most resistant to the change. It is the citizens driving the change, and industry is slow to adapt and respond. We will see this play out again in finance, as there will be many changes to come.

Youth Adoption of Bitcoin will Grow in Africa

Africa’s population is proliferating, and soon there will be two billion people on the continent. The youth population will grow by 40% in the next 10 years, and we want young entrepreneurs with massive ideas to do their own business and help Africa grow more.

Our hope is the blockchain technology that will disrupt the world and attract the talent pool of Africa to control their finances better and securely.

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